Cable coherence - using different cables

Should using the same interconnects and speaker cables be a priority?

Can a system be put together with totally different cables and still sound superlative? Or any superlative system must use identical cables in the entire signal path?

My experiences with trying so many cables is that you can achieve great results by mixing different types before you consider diving into the high priced cable products. This was ideal when my budget was in the $300-500 range for each link in the system. In this price range, there are just too many variations to expect one cable brand or model to work well throughout the system

When I tried all silver cables, the system was incredibly detailed but way too forward and analytical; the 3-dimensionality of the presentation was greatly diminished. One of my favorite cables is Cardas Golden Cross because of its warm midrange, but this became too much of a good thing with loss of resolution. Trying both of these cable types at every link in the system, and ultimately using 3 of each, allowed me to achieve a great balance and synergy that I would not have expected in this price range.

Once my budget allowed for greater resolution cables, e.g., NBS Statement, the great surprise was that all the harmonic richness of the Cardas was still there without the loss of detail...and I had achieved a more coherent tonal balance. This cable turned out to be incredible at every link in the system; I have yet to try it out as a tonearm cable. I have heard similar experiences with members here using the top models of Purist Audio and MIT cables throughout their system.

Before you take the blanket statement that you should use all of one or another, try a few different ones out for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised.

John (Jafox), thank you.
My little experience points to identical results.
The problem with NBS Statement is its price...

May I ask if you have achieved good results mixing copper and silver cables?
The SilverAudio and CardasGoldenCross is the silver/copper combination that worked for me. But NBS Signature or Master, at good prices on Audiogon, could be a better choice all around.....but you need to try for yourself.

My speaker cables are Goertz MI-2

My interconnects from preamp to power amp are VH Audio Pulsar

My interconnects from CD to preamp are AU-24

I am quite content.