cable choice???

Just purchased an A ethetix Rhea and I need innerconnects. I am currently using Cardas Golden Reference everything. I purchased a while back and didn't realize how great the price increased, I need a pair of innerconnects to tide me over till I can purchase a pair of Cardas. Any suggestions?
I prefer not to change the basic characteristics.
I would suggest a pair of Anticables interconnects. They provide good sound quality and are inexpensive. They should tide you over nicely until you can purchase the Cardas. I switched from Cardas Golden Cross to Anticables. After listening to them, you may not feel the need to purchase the Cardas!
My opinion is this,you already know that you want the Cardas cables.Use something you have now until you can afford them.Spending money on other cables will just keep you waiting longer for what you really want.Again,this is just my opinion.
You know I thought of that and I just don't have an extra
pair of innerconnects. I have listened to my current system for about 8 years without an upgrade and now is the time. I guess that having a candy bar and not eating it is just something I will have to get used to for a while. Thanks for your reply.
To Cyclonic man, Do you use the anticable? Are they shielded? The phono section I purchased I'm told is very prone to RF.
thanks for the post