Cable break-in advice needed

I am breaking in a cable. I have it hooked to my tuner to an int. amp. Do I even have to have the amp on? If so, do I have to have the amp selected to tuner? If so, do I have to have the volume up at all?
Turn the tuner on and find a 24 hour station. Select tuner on the amp, turn the volume on low (loud enough to hear from 5 ft away, but not loud enough to be involving) and go away for the weekend. Go away for the weekend, leave on Friday evening and return Sunday evening. Even better is to leave it on all week while you work. Enjoy music. Good Luck, Doug
Buy a Purist Audio Design System Enhancer Rev-B disc thru Music Direct for $129.99 it works.I Use it twice a month, it keeps everything flushed out.The instructions said,s once but I have the music running morning till bedtime and have noticed the system sounds noticebly better kepping it tuned up shall we say.
According to the instructions on the Sheffield/XLO test and burning-in CD, when breaking-in a cable, anything after the cable can be turned off. So just leaving your tuner on all the time on a 24 hour station will burn-in your cable. You could also plug it on your CD player and play a burn-in track with the repeat functio will also work. After enjoy the music.
I learned this technique here on Audiogon, and can personally vouch for its effectiveness. Keep the tuner on, keep the pre or int amp off, but with the tuner selected. Do that for two weeks, whenever you aren't listening to the system. As painless as it could possibly get.