Cable brands that work well with Cardas?

Are there any speaker cable brands that play nice with Cardas? 
I’m using Cardas Clear Reflection XLR’s and Clear Digital on my components. Top tier Cardas speaker cables are way out of my budget due to the length needed (14ft.) My current speaker cables are vintage Cardas Studio “C” which were made for the pro recording industry back in the 90’s. I have no complaints, I enjoy them immensely however I’d like to get a taste of newer cable. Budget is $800-$1K.



Golden Reference speaker cables are very unique and extremely warm. I used a set of biwired for at least twenty years when I had a largely solid state system with very revealing planar speakers…. that was way too bright. The Golden were sooo warm they made up for the deficiency in my system. Clear are still warm (as are all Cardas) but not nearly so.

@ghdprentice agree with your update on Gold Ref, they were okay with my SS system, not sot a good much with my tube systems. Resold them to two different ss amp owners.

@stringreen which ICs and speaker cables did you use?

I’m currently back to re-testing a full loom of Clear Ref ICs. Last week I compared a fully burned in pair with several hundred hours on them - - compared to a brand new (recently coiled up in a box w/tension) pair with less than 80hrs on them so far. Its not even like listening to the exact same cable - very different. I do not like the sound of the brand new pair vs. the other 90 day well burned in pair. Having been through this before, about 150 more hours to go on the new pair - - letting them relax in place, not touching them at all for 2wks. This worked in the past for me.

More from Cardas on "Insights for Break_In".

As to the OP question - for whatever synergy reason, I've had exceptional results with pairing up some Cardas Interconnects at my sources with downstream interconnects between the preamp and amps with Analysis Plus Crystals

This became an  affordable short cut not having to buy Clear Beyond for my downstream pairs. Will continue to re-test some of these theories. 

+Cardas Clear Cygnus vs. Analysis Plus Crystal RCA interconnects 


Past few weeks I've been intermixing both of these within my system too.   

I was trying to decide to stay all-AP or all-Cardas having full sets of both. Looks like intermixing may be a nice option to stay with. Some interesting results surfaced.   


-#3 Intermixing Cardas Clear Reflection with Analysis Plus Crystal ICs

-#4 Intermixing Cardas Clear Reflection with Cardas Clear Cygnus


Unexpectedly, in my system and for whatever reason, one of the nicest combinations is intermixing the AP/Crystals with Cardas Clear Reflection ICs.  

Can't keep all of it but its been a fun test before consolidating everything down. 

Intermixing works too, even designer Brian at Cardas suggested this to me once. 

VALUE for the $:

Again [in my system] The Analysis Plus is the hidden gem for the money between these, hands down. If you like ultra smooth grain free sound with a large sound stage, these OCC cables are unique.  A future test will compare these to Cardas Clear Beyond on demo at 5x the price. Kinda betting AP/Crystals hold their own.