Cable brands that work well with Cardas?

Are there any speaker cable brands that play nice with Cardas? 
I’m using Cardas Clear Reflection XLR’s and Clear Digital on my components. Top tier Cardas speaker cables are way out of my budget due to the length needed (14ft.) My current speaker cables are vintage Cardas Studio “C” which were made for the pro recording industry back in the 90’s. I have no complaints, I enjoy them immensely however I’d like to get a taste of newer cable. Budget is $800-$1K.



@jl1ny Cardas, bi-wire. And, it’s more of a personal thing, not to say that AP/Crystals would not be awesome, they are. I’ve had these same speaker cables across five different solid state and tube amplifiers and choosing to keep this part constant.

Been a while since I had Neutral Reference speaker cables but went from them to the Golden Reference and now the Clear.  I think you will find a significant improvement in the newer Clear line of cables.  That long a run is a tough nut to crack, but definitely worth saving your penny's towards.


I just balked on a set of Golden Reference speaker cables. Im using clear Reflection XLR’s and ultimately would like to go with the same for the speakers. They will be a significant expense so I’m holding out until I get into a dedicated room. meanwhile I went I different route and scored a set of virtual Dynamics master series speaker cables…should be interesting. 

Golden Reference speaker cables are very unique and extremely warm. I used a set of biwired for at least twenty years when I had a largely solid state system with very revealing planar speakers…. that was way too bright. The Golden were sooo warm they made up for the deficiency in my system. Clear are still warm (as are all Cardas) but not nearly so.