Cable brands that work well with Cardas?

Are there any speaker cable brands that play nice with Cardas? 
I’m using Cardas Clear Reflection XLR’s and Clear Digital on my components. Top tier Cardas speaker cables are way out of my budget due to the length needed (14ft.) My current speaker cables are vintage Cardas Studio “C” which were made for the pro recording industry back in the 90’s. I have no complaints, I enjoy them immensely however I’d like to get a taste of newer cable. Budget is $800-$1K.



At that price point it would be really hard to beat Auditorium23 speaker cables.

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At that price point it would be really hard to beat Auditorium23 speaker cables.


+ 1 👍 for the AUDITORIUM 23s.


FYI NOTE re: Long-run CARDAS speaker cables.

CARDAS recommends their CLEAR REFLECTION speaker cable model as their best performer in long speaker runs.

@jl1ny I’m in a different camp, after 25+ years with Cardas, I started intermixing Analysis Plus Crystal (Ohno, OCC) copper or Apature Silver over copper in with my Cardas collection at different locations. Liked it so much, sold off most of my Cardas and Apature. With some disbelief I circled back again and tried Cardas Clear Reflections, and it did not gel too well in my system this time around. Swapped back to AP Crystal Solo and wallah, 2x sound stage and less grain, smoother. Just better, lower cost too. While I now run mostly AP/Cryrstal front to back, I’m still running Cardas bi-wire speaker cables. Intermixing can produce interesting results too. Does not need to be the same cables end-to-end. All "system dependent" and results can vary with yours. Most of the internal wiring in our components, boards, connections is different too. It’s already varied. One other option on the table for review. Best of luck.

Thanks for all the responses. Ultimately at some point I’ll go for the Clear Reflection although not anytime soon. It’s a shame that I can’t jump on that sale that @akg_ca pointed out. Truth be told, I don’t find the cable game to be fun…it’s more of a PITA. I was also considering just playing with some cheaper cables that have a good rep like Canare 4S11 or a Ohno Occ copper cable (Audience Ohno III?) if they suck then no biggie and I won’t have to worry about selling them in order to move on to something else. 

The short cut is to pay to do the cable library program with TheCableCo. Pick three, keep one, send two back. Otherwise wasting buying/trying/reselling cables like many of us us foolishly do. One route is fast, the other is slow and expensive and less likely to get to the destination at all.