Cable Brands

Hello Guys,

I am looking for pair of xlr-balanced-cable. I want to use them KRELL TAS amp. Do you know any good quality brand to buy. and also if you have any suggestion about cable brands for high-end use I will be appreciated !

thank you
They are all system-dependant...their synergy with the rest of your system (or lack thereof) will either make or break your system.

NORDOST FREY XLRs (and matched speaker cables) work for me.

Lots of contenders and pretenders to choose from ....
Purist cable very musical well made.
If you’re looking for value, Clear Day Cables are very good and they have very nice ends. If your budget allows WyWires are worth the extra cost. On a Krell I’d go with the WyWires as they are very neutral and smooth; not at all lean or bright. Both manufactures are great to work with and 100% satisfaction. Best to try before you buy.
Clear Day XLRs - I am using these and pretty happy with them.
Might consider Silnote Audio as well
Guys I am very glad to hear about your helps! I am very happy to use this forum again as always.

Thank you all,
I second what ebm said...Purist Audio Design and Krell are an incredible combination.  Purist rules!  :-)