Cable box to outboard DAC

I would like to connect my cable box , a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2200 , to a DAC . The cable company says that the digital audio out connection is AC-3 . It looks like a single RCA connection . Is this correct ?
Does an aftermarket DAC manufacturer make a component that will read this type of signal ? I would like a better sound than I am getting from the analog RCA outputs which uses the cable box DAC . This is for the cable company's CD quality music only channels not the regular TV channels .
Some (not very many) support PCM out of the digital output. A lot of them also can be software configured for specific cable companies. So, its kind of hard to tell whether your RCA digital output can be fed into a two-channel DAC or not. Most cannot.

That said, I've got a Scientifc Atlanta 8350HD, and there is a menu setting where I can tell the box what to send over the coax digital out. That works fine. You might just check the menu settings to see if there is some ability to modify what goes out of the box. AC3 through a 2CH DAC will not sound like music.
Thanks Edesilva . Unfortunatly my box does not allow for a change in the signal out .

Anyone else ?
hit the settings button on your remote control twice and go into menu and look through the options.
Thanks Audphile1 ; I have two choices Dolby Digital and 'other'. Not sure what other is refering to and the cable tech does not either .
Anyone know ?
I think other is PCM. Try it. If it is something that the dac can not digest, most likely it will not output anything.
Just have the volume in your system lowered when you do try it.....just in case.
Yes , normaly I would have . I don't have a DAC to try it with .
Can anyone tell me if PCM is the 'other' or point me to a
convertor of some kind ?

Thank you .
On one box I have, "other" = PCM. On the other box, its some strange format and I have no idea what it is. No way to tell for sure w/o hooking it up to a DAC, unless you find a really, really good tech in your CATV company's tech support...

You might also try digging around here:

They have manuals for most of their boxes. I note that Sci Atlanta describes your box as supporting "AC-3" and "Musicam" digital audio support.

An AC-3 -> PCM "converter" is a digital HT preamp, like a Theta Casanova or Casablanca. So, yes, converters exist, but it won't be cheap. Nothing, to my knowledge, will do AC-3 or Dolby to 2CH with little or no configuration, staying in the digital domain, and for cheap.
Thank you Edesilva , I will check the site .
Thanks to all who have tried to help me .
Why not just a cable box that will output PCM? They're not that expensive. Mine does. I'm not at home and so don't have the make and model handy, but if you're interested, send me an email and I'll get it for you. In fact, I will be getting a different cable box soon, and my old one would be available for cheap.
Until cableCARD compatibility is truly here--and it isn't--there is no guarantee that a 3rd party cable box will work with your cable provider's system. Before plunking down money on a cable box, I would ask your cable company techs for compatibility information first. Esp. w/digital cable.
Edesilva ; very good advice , thank you .