Cable Box to Ayre AX-7e amp RCA to XLR Adapter

My Wave/Tivo cable box is connected to my Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier using RCA to RCA cables. I know the Ayre sounds better using balanced inputs and not RCA inputs.

Does it make sense to buy the Neutrik NA2FPMF 3 Pin Female XLR to Female RCA Adapter (for example) to convert the RCA signal from the cable box to my Ayre amplifier? What impact, if any, will this change have on the sound quality? Thanks
You probably won't hear any difference given both components are not balanced. What you can try before spending a lot of money, is to find a music store and buy some cheap adaptors first.
Zd542: Thanks. My Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier is balanced. Most people feel the Ayre sounds better when using balanced inputs (XLR). The cable box is not a balanced unit (RCA outputs).

Its been suggested I need to use a transformer between the cable box and the Ayre amp. For example, the Neutrik NA2M-D0B-TX & NA2M-D2B-TX products (which are the same except for the RCA color coding) include a transformer to show a balanced signal at the Ayre side. These products would require I add a short XLR female to XLR male jumper cables to connect to my Ayre AX-7e. I do not know the impact, if any, of the sound quality using a transformer.

Any comments?