Cable between SUT and phono pre?

I wonder what kind of cables suits best when use between MC step up transformer to phono?
I use Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference 2 on my vpi to my phono then to my pre again , I think without knowing your set up it’s tough.But i can say no matter what anyone says the cables change the sound in my system period.I had a set of blue jeans laying around and ran them for a week or so and swapped in the better az the difference was not sublte.
good luck

A high purity silver cable.  I find that it works for me and I usually prefer copper for its warmer color in other parts of my system.
These are nice!
Dear @uyk788: For a " simple " question a " simple " answer: the best you can afford and as short length as you can use it for the conection.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Yer, so far.. I guess it won't go wrong with pure silver and the short length? Another problem is that the better the SUT, the more prone they are to noise and hum issues!
Some SUTs come hard wired with a cable eg Lyra Erodion, Kondo Slz. The shorter the cable the better. I was using a 60cm Lyra Phonopipe with impressive results