Cable between Cary 303cdp and Rogue 66 pre?

I bought a Cary 303cdp and should receive it next week but, don't have a ic picked out yet. My system is: Cary 303(anyday now)> ic? > Rogue 66 pre > Coincident cst ic. > Odyssey Stratos amp > Analysis Plus Oval 9 biwired > Magnepan 1.6. I'm also using a Sony 7700 dvd > Cardas 300b ic. > Cal Sigma II with Mullard 4004 nos 12ax7 and 24/96 board > Rogue 66 pre. Looking for a ic. to bring out the Cary's strengths in my system. Which brands should I consider? Thanks in advance for any advice!
1. Ensemble Dunaflux
2. Cardas Golden Cross (only if used)
3. Why not another pair of CST?
I have considered another pair of the cst's and was wondering about other possibilities. What does your system consist of Sutts and do you use the Cary 303?