Cable assist needed Krell Amp Thiel CS6

I have a Krell KSA 200S amp and THiel CS6's Speakers. I every dealer I visit says a different cable is the best. Of course they sell that particular cable. Can anyone let me know what cable would be good for my setup? My objective of course is balanced dynamic range of the music ( all kinds).
I went through this with my krell ksa80 and thiel 3.6's. the problem is that in search for linear accuracy, the thiels are lasers that burn a hole in the middle of your forehead. To sound right, a speaker should roll off slightly in an anechoic chamber. You are trying to use a cable as a tone control to offset this. I eventually ditched the system and started over with tubes
I owned a Krell integrated , and the most sucess I had was with Cardas Golden Cross interconnects and Cross Speaker cables. I would probably substitute the Golden Reference interconnects today. I have a pair on my Rowland integrated, and think they offer all the benefits of the Golden Cross, with a more open sound. The Cross speaker cables were quiet, tamed the Krell and allowed it's great bottom end to come through. If your budget allows, I think the Golden Reference would be an even better choice for speaker cables, also.
I tend to agree with some of the statements made by fstein. For the reason of potential harshness, I recommend the Transparent Reference cables. I have heard the Thiel and Krell combination with the Transparent and it helped the system a great deal.

The Cardas is also a nice idea because they are somewhat laid back.
I would recommend that you call the cable company and ask their opinion(s). Then check out a couple (or several) cables and listen for yourself. They have a huge library of cables just for this purpose--I've used them in the past and found them to be very helpful. I didn't always agree with their first choice--that's why you should check out a few and try for yourself. Since they carry many brands of cables they really aren't tied to one particular brand like many dealers are. Bottom line--be patient and let your ears be the judge.
MIT ic's and speaker cables are my rec., I use with thiel 3.6's and classe. Better results when you use mit cable throughout rather than mix has been my experience.
I tried the MIT Oracle 3.3 spkr and MIT Oracle 3.3 interconnect with Krell FPB-600 and Thiel CS5i as per suggested by TheCableCompany. I still like the sound of my old MIT Magnum MA between the CD player and pre-amp that made a difference.

I sent all the MIT oracle back and stick with my old XLO Limited Edition LE5 for the spkr.

IMO, dramatic improvement i experienced is the interconnect between CD player and pre-amp with a MIT product. I tried Cardas, Tara Labs, XLO, Transparent MusicWave and many more interconnects not satisfied.
I use Harmonic Technologies pro11 (terminated with spades) between my 400cx and CS6s and this is a great combination. For the past 8 years I have not felt the slightest need to change.
Goertz Alpha-Core MI or Ag series. Both Thiel and Krell have used them.
"...thiels are lasers that burn a hole in the middle of your forehead." I suspect that your either exagerating or offering the reason you would make such a post.