cable advice needed

I've been working on my system for a while. I'm ready to do a little cable experimenting. Here's what I'm dealing with:

Audio Refinement Complete Integrated
Linn Mimik II CD Player
Revel M20's
Yamaha T-1 Tuner

I'm using Kimber 8PR speaker cable right now as well as Audio Magic Sceptor II interconnects between the cd and integrated. I've been looking into Acoustic Zen WOW interconnects as well as the new Epoch speaker cable. The AudioQuest CV-4 got some great reviews. I'm looking to spend about 200 on interconnects and the same on speaker cables. Any suggestions?
How about power cords instead or in addition?

For $200 USED interconnects maybe the Siltech ST18-G3 (+/- $175) or for a little more the SQ28-G3 (+/- $250). (My $$ estimates are 50% of retail for one meter.)

For brand new speaker cables go to and consider a pair of Audioquest Granite on clearance at $199 for an 8 foot pair (list was $432). If you can go shorter, a 6 foot pair of Audioquest Mammoth is $239 (list was $480). (They have other lengths).
The best advice I can give is to borrow(broken in) cables and try them in your own system. It's the only way you'll truly know what works, and what doesn't. Any decent dealer will loan you a pair, if you are a serious buyer. That said, given your price range, have a look at what Arthur Salvatore has to say at his web site
The guys a curmudgeon, to be sure, but I somehow trust him more than most. His favorite cables are rather inexpensive coincidents ($300 New).

Good luck, and happy listening.
Do you have room acoustic treatments & proper line conditioning? If not, you can forget about those experiments...