Cable advice

My system is as follows: I am looking for advice on interconnect and speaker cables for my system. Marantz PM-84D Integrated amplifier, Denon 1650AR CD player, Vandersteen 2Ce speakers. The CD/Amp interconnect is Kimber PBJ. Speaker cables are inexpensive Monster cable which I bought at United Audio (about $40 for a 15ft run). The speakers are bi-wired. I would appreciate any advice I can get on cables, both interconnect and speaker.
"and let loose the dogs of war..." Ok, I dare to recommend MIT Terminator 2, if Audio Advisor still has them close-out priced. I hope you will consider investing in room treatments also, if you want to hear what's on the recording.
...and nothing wrong with your PBJ! Unless, you want to try the pure silver cable, from "Homegrownaudio"? Everybody likes them and they are inexpensive too! Check it out, i will!
Ditto on the PBJ sentiments. They are excellent cables, can be a bit too forward for some. But very in line with what cables "should" cost. They came "before the dark times...". Good with Vandersteens, they won't sound so bright in this system. For speaker cables, from the description of your system, I would try AudioQuest Type 6. Or if you are into keeping a biwire configuration, maybe two runs of it. Or you may consider two runs of Kimber 4TC(it will be more forward than the AudioQuest). Good luck, and try to stay out of the sure to follow bloodbath.
I also agree with the last two posts. Kimber PBJ between CD and Pre is excellent. Never use it between Pre and Power, however, if you ever get separates. There wouldn't be enough bass. Also agree with Kimber 4tc biwire for speakers. Cannot compare it with Audioquest Type 6 because I have not heard Type 6, but this should be extremely neutral setup, especially with Vandersteens. And it doesn't cost a lot of money.
keep your Speaker wire run as short as possible your kimber is ok.
Why isn't everybody recommending megabucks cables? How are these cable guys gonna buy their new Porches if you guys keep recommending $65 interconnect, and discontinued speaker wire that somebody can buy for $50 used? Surely, if it costs more it has to be better, forget about your ears saying that PBJ is the equal of many $300-500 wire. This is gonna lead us down the road of ruin, we can't have reasonable cable can we? Next thing you know, I'll be reading that amplifiers don't all sound the same. Hey, they measure the same.
IMHO the lowest priced Cardas, Crosslink is superior to Kimber PBJ. The cost is similar to PBJ, but the Cardas is richer with a more solid 3-D image.
Monster speaker cables must go immediately, for your price range get Analysis Plus Oval 12, $150 new for 8ft pair or go up to Oval 9 for $299. Used look for AQ Midnights. I do not share enthusiasm for PBJ others have here. It is very detailed, but has lean, forward sound which will become more apparant when your remove Monster cables. This may be the sound you are looking for, but for richer, fuller, more natural sound try used HT Truthlink or AQ Opal for $100-125, Sam
PJB is easy to beat even for the price: you can get pure silver about the same. With the Stealth 30-day money-back guarantee, you'd be doing yourself a favor, IMHO, to give these a try, as far up the models list as you can afford (frequent promotions to check out). I made my own cables for a decade or so, including KCAG clones, and PJB clones (but with a fatter braid, which sounded better) for noncritical use (cassette tape, FM tuner), and when I first heard Stealth cables, I gave up my homemade ones completely. Homegrownaudio are cheap but use wire that's WAY too thick to sound good. That's true of a lot of name brand cables, alas. Poor designs but wonderful marketing skills: that characterizes a number of well-known companies, which I'll not go so far as to name.
Firstly, the best advice is to try before you buy. Do not buy anything w/o a right of return. How well any cable will work depends on the interaction between the components in your system and your taste. I agree with advice above about MIT Terminator 2, especially if you can get it at a discount. I have Vandersteen 2ce's and a friend of mine also has them and we have both found MIT speaker cables to work great, especially with a solid state amp. The Kimber PBJ is a great interconnect cable for the price, but may sound a little lean on certain cd players. If you want a little richer sound try MIT, Harmonic Technology, Monster or Audioquest interconnects.
Thanks very much... this is a great start.
I got Audioquest Midnight 2 as Megasam recommended and can haer details now which I did not hear before. They are great. The used Audioquests I got have spades, and I would like to have the terminations changed to banana plugs. Any BTDT's on making the change ? Should I go to an authorized dealer or can anyone do it ? Thanks.

Megasam: I plan to try different interconnects to see if I can find something that is better then PBJ. Thanks.
Kimber Kable makes awesome entry level cables! I have used them for many years and they have served me well. I'm now finally beginning to swap them out with the real esoteric (Electra Glide mostly) stuff, but only after I've got all the other gear in my system just how I want it. I say go with Kimber Kable (HERO, PBJ, 4TC, 8PR, etc.) and keep it until you've got all the ultimate gear you want.
I've tried Straightwire Chorus ($40) Kimber PBJ ($70 +/-)and Kimber Hero ($135). All these cables have a place and of them all above, The Kimber Hero was the best.

BUT!!!! There is better for much less money!!! How so, you must be kidding, right? NO, this is no Bull, I've been using Cableplex cables found on ebay. They are custom made by a guy in California. The Build Quality is top notch! I started with his entry level cables the Cableplex Connect 1, this cable was more detailed and musical than the Kimber Hero for @ 1/5 of the price!!!

Now if you are serious about cables, you must try his Nirvana cables! These cables are without a doubt, the best cables available for under $100. We compaired them to Straightwire interconnects at @ $400 per meter, and they were right there with them. Actually they were prefered by my aunt over the Straightwires. My Uncle did his entire HT system in them as well as myself.

All of my friends thought I was crazy for spending $75 on a pair of interconnects until I let them try them for them self.

I have his Digital Cables and Both levels of Powercords, All follow the others in build quality, and Performance for the money.

If you are considering any High-end cables, and are on a budget, (like most of us) you owe it to yourself to try these cables. You can do your whole system for a fraction of a price.

If you have any questions, please post or email.