Where sould the best IC be placed? From the Amp to the Preamp or from the Sources to the Preamp? TIA
Source 2 Pre, upstream sets the tone for the downstream
Many cable effects are dependent on interactions between the characteristics of the cable and various technical characteristics of the particular components they are connecting, some of which are unspecified and unpredictable.

Also, I would not assume that the "best" cable is necessarily the one that is most expensive, if that is what you are thinking.

Therefore there is no "one size fits all" answer, and the only way to tell with any certainty is to try it both ways.


-- Al
Where it sounds best. If YOU cannot hear any difference where you stick it, The who cares where it is???
Like the 'cable police' will break into your home and arrest you for 'Wrongful cable placement'.


Almarg was correct
"Source 2 Pre, upstream sets the tone for the downstream"

Start with source, and then upgrade ICs when you've found the cable with the synergy you like. And I'm not saying high price = best sound.
Thanks to all. I'll probably try some type of Nordhost IC's since I have their speaker wires and power cords.
Have you spoken to Nordhost to get suggestions or their thoughts as to where the ICs you want should be placed in the signal chain? I'm always curious to know what the manufacturer's think.
You really have to listen for yourself, but I would have to agree with the people that recommend the source to pre as the more important of the 2. That's just my opinion, based on my experience, though. I'm sure that there are exceptions, as well.

In my systems, for example, I tend to stick with Audioquest. I find that their silver IC's only sound good going from the CD player to the preamp and from my TT to my phono pre. Anywhere else, they don't sound as good as the copper IC's do; even going from my phono pre to my preamp. I have no idea why, but thatÂ’s just how it is.
I'll ask Paul of Nordost. I just got 4 1M Blue Heaven power cords, and I can't beleive the difference they make compared to stock cords. The volume seems to be stronger, and the music clearer. I just went from stock tubes to Gold Lion Kt88's and there is less of a difference. Wednesday, I'm getting the Nordost QB4 to plug everything into and will use a Vishnu power cord for the wall going into the box. Again, thanks to all.