Cabinet Making Crossover Tweakers

Can anyone come up with some brands that on;y build cabinets and tweak crossovers? I'll start. Wilson and Tekton.
Audio Note
Only building cabinets and tweaking crossovers in lieu of what? Designing and building drivers? If you are after a list of companies that use off the shelf drivers, the list is very long.
Yes, companies that use off the shelf drivers.
What about companies that use a special build of an otherwise 'stock' driver?

Doesn't Wilson use Seas or Vifa?
Wilson used to use scan speak and focal. They are still using focal, but now they are using a modified sb acoustics. At least in the sasha. Audio note builds their own. Joseph audio, snell, sony (ar-1), sonus faber, consensus audio, triad, fritz, Martin design, These are just off the top of my head. There are many others. I would guess that even some big names like YG Acoustics are using off the shelf. The reality is that many more companies than people realize are using off the shelf drivers. A handful of manufacturers do make their own in house. Harman, B&W, paradigm, audio note..