CA-200 vs. ML 332

Is the price justified on the MLs(2X as much as the CA)(used)? Obviously it's not twice as good as the Classe but in terms of percentages how does the Classe stack up?
80%? 85%? Just wondering as i have a CA200 which I love but I'm wondering if the grass is greener on the other side...
I would stick with your CA200; that's a great sounding amp. The MLs sound a tad more neutral but I feel they are not as musical as the Classe. The MLs will increase your electric bill also; they run pure class A whereas the Classe runs AB.
Keep and love thy CA-200! It is a beautiful, musical amplifier as few SS-amps are! Keep on enjoying..............

peter jasz
I agree with the first two responses. Keep your CA-200 and enjoy it. The ML is a very different animal. Different is not always better. You'll get more information, but it may not sound as musical, depending on your other components.

Keep the 200. I called Classe awhile ago and asked them what to do for more power and current. They recommended getting another 200 and bi-amping the speakers. If I still needed more power, he suggested bridging them as it would not degrade the sound at all. If you feel the need to spend more, by another 200 and get more of something you already like.