C7 - two prong Power Cord make a difference ?

Not much discussion on this type cord when searching. This is the type of 2 pole connector that fits in dvd player, game consoles, satellilite and cable box, etc. I notice PS Audio, Pangea and Audioquest make them mostly under $ 100.00. Anyone experiment and can attest if these make a noticeable difference or just stay with stock cord. These are C7 polarized version with one round and one square plug end which I believe is standard. I am thinking about purchasing for my Blu Ray DVD player and Cable TV set top box and looking for opinions from Audiogon gurus first. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
I would get an adapter myself; Voodoo and Pangea make good ones for most uses. I have a Voodoo 15 to 20 amp and a Pangea C5 to standard PC and both work well.
A while back on did quite a lot of comparisons of C7 power cables specifically for my TV and blu-ray players.

Like on audio equipment, good power cables can give subtle improvements in the picture quality that is worth pursing if you are a videophile.

The Audioquest NRG-1.5 was better than similar priced Furutech and Oyiade C7 cables. But the very best, better than the Audioquest, was the Mapleshade AC cables, specifically the Double Helix Mk2 with plus upgrade.

These are pure hair shirt cables, each conductor is solid core and must be kept 6" apart from the other leg, there is also an outrigger wire on each side of the conductors than must be spaced further out. This makes a mass of wire behind your equipment rack that does not have high WAF.

I did put the Audioquest C7 on my PC speaker/sub and it improved the sound over the stock cable.
A C7 cable that I have on my MacMini 2010 is the Oyaide L/i15 EMX. It's a PCOCC-A.

I like it. A definite improvement over the stock Apple cable (Volex) and not expensive.

I got it through Chris VenHaus... the Lotus Group is the distributor. Good stuff.

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I use the Nordost Purple Flare power cable with C7 connector now. I used the AudioQuest NRG 1.5 in the past.