C7 cord or C13 w/adapter for integrated amp?

Looking to replace the stock power cord for my Emotiva TA-100 amp which is a C7 plug. However, all of the aftermarket cords with a C7 plug describe themselves as being designed for use with source components, such as a cd player.

Would these cords (like the Audioquest nrg-y2) be okay to use with my amp, or would it be better to buy a beefier power cord with a C13 plug and use an adapter to fit it to my amp? I'd like the most robust cord possible, just worried that the adapter will be a weak link in the chain and offset any good an upgraded cord provides.

Here is an example of an adapter:

Thank for any insight.

For $10 try the adapter, especially if you already have standard IEC power cords to try.

I used one (adapter) on a Pionner CDR once that was from Take Five in Canada and it looks like the one in your link.

Target sells them online and maybe Amazon.

I have tried adapters like this one in the past and they seemed to work well enough,

Anytime you insert yet another "interface" in the power supply to a component you can expect it to degrade performance, but for this style of connector I doubt whether you would notice it in this case.


Thank you both for the replies.

Since my original post I've been in contact with Patrick at Cullen Cables. He can make a custom cable with a c7 plug so I'll probably go that route rather than use adapters.