C4's + electronics, who's?

Hi all. I have a set of C4 II signatures that I currently use with ODYSSEY KISMET mono amps and an XP-10 preamp.

The C4's are so darn neutral and even handed, I'm curious what electronics people are using with them and why. I'd call the C4's sound fall (crisp and fast) or spring (slightly warm) verses winter (dry and cool) or summer (warm and full). Ya, my seasons of sound is kind of corny, but it gets you in the "zone" of where things are sounding. True, there is much to appreciate other than warm to the cool nature of electronics.

I'd say that the XP-10 preamplifier is probably best described as fall, but closer to winter (slightly dryer / cooler) in sound. It's vey detailed and fast, but I don't think anyone would say it is "warm" (summer) but it isn't full blown dry or hard (winter) either. The KISMETS are so far a spring time sound. Slightly warm, but no way summer and too rich in the midrange to be called winter. I'll have to change the KISMET amps around with other amps to fairly see where they really are in the "seasons of sound" since I've been at it with premaps. The KISMETs are pretty good for the buck, I'll have these awhile, it takes time to save for more expensive things.

OK, that said I do NOT have the be-all-to-end-all electronics, no argumants there. I have pretty good stuff to use while I zero-in on what's really considered impressive on C4's. Maybe like the Boulder 1060 amps? Maybe the 2012 edition RLD-1 platinum Steve McCormack modded pre amp? I have yet to get this back modded and break it in. Steve has a good ear, and I'm curious where he takes this preamp when cost isn't as much a boundary as it was in it's original form.

So, what's your story on electronics with C4's? Price is a consideration, too, or we would all buy BALabs stuff or maybe not (what's your best of the best electronics?) Let's say you had $12,000.00 to spend to run C4's, how would you do it?