C-Marc power cable

Has anyone used the C-Marc power cable by Less-Loss? Iv'e heard they are amazing.
I have one C-Marc power cord in my main system.
I agree with mooglie's description of the C-Marc above.
I believe the C-Marc would work very well on any component within one's system. I'm not saying that the C-Marc is the best power cord one can purchase but it defiantly compares with other high-end power cords and it will remain in my main system.
I'm using a pair of C-Mark power cords, one on a Pass X250.8 amp, the other on a Pass XP22 preamp. My system has never had such a black background, dead silent. I also switched my speaker cables from High Fidelity Ultimate Reference to the LessLoss C-Marc speaker cables and I'm happy with that decision.
 I'm using horns in my system so I prefer the tonal qualities of the LessLoss cables over others I have had in my system. As soon as I can afford another pair C Mark power cables to use on my XP17 phono stage and Dac I will.

Zavfino MAJESTIC MKII OCC POWER CABLE is another one to consider might be equal to or better than the C-Mark it's system dependent. The Hijiri power cord is excellent, a step or two above the other power cords mentioned thus far in the forum, I own the three power cables I mentioned.