C.J. PV-5 vs PV-10's 11's and 12's

I have had a C.J. PV-5 for many years . Was thinking of up grading to a 10 , 11 , or 12 , but have heard rumers to the effect that some of the "newer" PV series don't sound as good as the PV-5 . Any truth to these to these ugly stories ? Need the real skinny . What's the word on the street ?
I've owned both the PV-5 and PV-10. The PV-5 is the better sounding of these two. The 11 and 12 I've heard, but never in my system.
Owned them all; the PV-12 is the best of the bunch and significantly better than a PV-5.
How does a PV9 and Premier 3 compare with these preamps?
Owned all with exception of the 11. The 10,10A and 10B models are good sounding, but the 12 is a bit better overall IMO. While the 5 is a classic and was great pre amp in it's day..... it is dated by comparison to the 12. The 12's noise floor is quieter and has better dynamics. I would look for a 12A which is an upgraded version of the 12 and incorporates some key changes for the better. It has become hard to find now however. I also owned CJ's SS PF-2 and PF-R models, and while the excellent PF-R is also good sounding, it is more forward and IMO a bit less musical than the tubed 12.
The PV-9 ranks below the PV-11 and PV-12 mainly because of the line stage. The phono section of the PV-9A is nearly identical to the latter two preamps. The Premier 3 is better than the PV-5 but not as good as the PV-9A, PV-11 or PV-12.
I have a PV-10 in one system and a PV-12 in another system. Although the PV-10 is good, the PV-12 is better.
Are you looking for line stages or units with phono?

In general I would agree with the comments above that, of the CJ units you listed, the PV-12A/AL is the one to get.

If you are looking at phono and do not have to stick to tubes, the Motif line (MC8/MC10) had about the best phonostages available in any pre; at least for their time. The newer (but still discontinued) PF2 was essentially the same design but of different construction.