c-j Premier 9 DAC and 6GK5's tubes.

c-j Premier 9 DAC uses a pair of 6GK5, apparently preffered by the manufacturer, as it has been used in many of their amps and preamps. As the tubes are overdue ( after 3 years ) and I'm looking for replacements, I'm wondering if somebody out there could advice me on: going for the original Sylvania tubes or... GE, Telefunken, RCA, russian, chinese, chech... I would also apreciate opinions from present or former owners of this DAC.I use c-j DR1 transport and the DAC feeds directly into a pair of Bryston 7B-st monos. The speakers are Apogee Scintillas, by amped by Symo cables. Power conditioners are Chang 3200 and power cords are XLO's Pro's.
Call Kevin Deal at upscale audio. He should be able to point you in the right direction. I believe he prefers the Mullard tube. http://www.upscaleaudio.com/index-2.htm
I used to have the CJ premier 14 pre amp and it too uses the 6gk5. For the premier 14 I prefer the mullard 6gk5. Sylvania was noisy and the GE was too rich in the mid range for my taste. mullard has lots of air, details and very transparent. I do have a pair of mullard 6gk5 and a pair of sylvania 6gk5 that I no longer need. Send me your address and I will send them to you (free). If you like them, keep them. If you don't, then pass them on to the next person who needs them. They tested good in tube tester.
Just bought a set of NOS mullard 6gk5's from a guy in fL named Stan - his email is ESRC1@aol.com. You can pay with a credit card, and 5 6gk5's cost me $18.00 delivered by priority mail they were brand new condition in original boxes - sound wonderful in my Premier 10. He also has GE's Tim
Hi Like the other that preceed me I also use now some mullard that i found at« http://www.tubeman.com/itm00057.htm» and they are better sounding than the original c-j GE and like you i own a pair of Scintilla, C-J premier 10, P-2 D-2, and a pair of Krell Reference Serie mono amp, 770 mit reference for speaker and 330 and Cardas Golden reference for interconnect
yes, from Florida the mullards are great, and cheaper than from Kevin Deal. BTW what are you using in terms of Digital cable to your premier Dac 9?
thanks everybody for helping me out! i'll give it a try to the mullard. As digital cable I'm using the Illuminati D-60 DataFlex Studio.