I'm currently using a Conrad Johnson CT6 in my system. It has been a while since I've swapped the cables around and I'm a tad unclear as to which row of outputs are right and left, the top or bottom. Does anyone have a CT6 that could shed some light?
No markings at all? I have a CJ ACT 2 whose bottom is right and top is left. Or put on some familiar music that you know the instrument position. Violin sections are on the left side for orchestral music. You can use that to test.
Right channel inputs and outputs are usually marked red.
Right should be on the bottom. If you look close, you should see a thin red line around the rca jack for the right channel.(White for left)
Thanks everyone, I was almost positive the bottom was right. For some reason, the CT6 is not marked right or left. I have to call Conrad Johnson to order a new set of tubes, I'm going to ask them what the deal is. Maybe it was just a design flaw.
The CT6 is one of my favorite preamps. I'm looking to pick one up when I can find a deal that wasn't already snatched up.