C-J Combo: PV-5 and MF-2100; Si or No?

Opinions on roughly $1200 worth of this pre and amp, PV-5 for the mellow and MF-2100 for some cojones, while retaining the overall C-J sound. Then there's the CAV-50 which I haven't heard but about the same used price. Like the flexibility of the 2 pieces, though.Opinions?
I ran the PV-10 with the MF2100 for a couple years. Very nice combination. Have no personal experience with the PV-5. You can get a PV-10 and MF2100 for $1200.00
There is a PV-10 with phono on Audioshopper for $600. And a MF2100 on Audiogon for $650.
Thanks,sugarbrie, saw the mf-2100 and thought of the combo. Is there any synergy here, or just a couple of pretty good units? Any other pairings around the $1k mark, anybody?
I think the PV10 / MF2100 combo work well together. I still have the MF2100. It is now paired with a CJ Motif Preamp.
Don't discount the CAV-50...I owned it...and loved it! (upgraded to 11A) Remember that you won't need to spend $$ or time with interconnects with the integrated.
You need to be careful on the PV5. It's an old piece and will need repairs/referbishing soon. The points made about the integrated is valid. However, if you find a CAV-50 at $1200, I'd be surprised! I auditioned the CAV50 against the Mesa Tigris and Densen Beat 100. I liked the CJ least. Felt the Densen sounded better at 1/2 the price. But like the Tigris very much. None of these have phono, optional w/Densen. I owned the PV5 and sold to upgrade to PV8. I had both pre-amps connected to Aragon 4004mkII. It was a great match. I would believe the MF2100 would be even better.
I have a PV-6 with a THRESHOLD.I feel that it's a nice combination.I would give it a try,solid state power and tube preamp is a nice combination,and you get the best of both.Good luck steve
I own a MF-2100 and recently tried a PV-5 with it. The PV-5 warmed up the sound and much improved the soundstage over my solid-state (PS Audio 4.5) preamp. However the PV-5 had audible and distracting distortion, not in just one particular frequency region, but overall. I haven't heard C-J's newer tube designs such as the PV-10 or PV-12, but probably they would be a better choice.