C 2400 with P ?? ,what is better E 460 E E 550 ??

can someone help me on this,the sellers are all telling me different things, so i downt no anymore what to do,
is it better to have a pre amp and rear amp, ore 1 integrated amp
i have now a C 2400+ P450 i think it is time to change the P450 for something betters ore a integrated one
my speakers are Dynaudio S3.4 with kimber kable 12 tc.
xlr kable also kimber

ZZ911411311211KGB is the best.
Wrong, JECT674258p22.67qy7 is the best.
Oh great. Here we go again with yet another ZZ9114 vs. JECT674 rant. Can't you guys ever agree on anything?

Hey Nick, on the off-chance that this was a serious attempt at first post, welcome to the forum and please try to provide more info about your system, such as what companies manufacture your existing pre-amp and power amp.
Ok i try again
i have a Accuphase C 2400 pre amp from year 2004,and power amp Accuphase P 450 it gives 2x150 output on 4ohm this is an older type of accuphase from year 1997 so i think that this is not the right combination anymore , my question; is it better to put a newer accuphase power amp, of is it better to get a intergrated like Accuphase E-460,550,560 ??
the speakers i have are Dynaudio Contour S 3.4
Speakercable Kimber 12TC
Xlr Kimber type 1130 between pre amp and power amp
my problem is that the lower bass from speaker is not tight enough,it is resonating in the lower frequensi ,this is very irritating,What is your opinion
It's not a rant at all rather than humor, laughs. Show it to somebody 'from outside' it would look silly for sure:-)

You'll definitely need larger power amp for your Dyns so your class-A integrated choices less-likely fix your problem. If you like sound similar to Accuphase, perhaps you can get McIntosh MC402(will make them sing, rock and dance). If you want to downsize to integrated, than you can get Mac's most powerful MA7000.
Hi Nick,

I hope my answer does not come too late.

Your preamplifier, i.e. C-2400, is top notch and unless you would go for the top- of-the-line Accuphase preamplifier (i.e. C-3800) there is not reason to change it (IMO). The C-2400/2410 and C-2800/2810 are all very similar in performance when you listen to them (dealers say otherwise of course...). It is my experience that the older models sound more warmer/fuller than the newer ones which sound more open, a bit more detailed and maybe a bit faster than the older models. Which one one would like it is really a matter of taste.

My advise to you would be to get one of the top power amp from the same generation as your C-2400, e.g. A-60 or P-7000. You will pay for them about as much as you would pay for a new E-460 if not less, and such a combination will mop the floor not only with the current generation of Accuphase integrated but also with the next three generations.

I would say that even an A-45 power amp (45 class A watts into 4 ohms, 90W into 4 ohms) would be enough for your Dyns. But this depends on how loud you listen to music. About 6 months ago my E-550 integrated (30 class A watts into 8 ohms, 60W into 4 ohms) embarrassed a Mcintosh 6600 integrated 6600 (which on paper was much more powerful 200 watts or so) when driving a pair of Dynaudio C2 (I have compared the two integrated at the same time in the same room). The dealer could not believe that a 60 watts (in 4 ohms) amp can control the woofers of the Dyns that much better than a 200 watts amp. Also, about 9 months ago I was to an Accuphase show and the C-2810 and A-45 combination drove the B&W diamond 800 and 802 models to insane levels. The sound of this last combination was much better than what I have at home. Forget the integrated amplifiers!

Good luck and keep us posted!