C-22 not selling

Hi folks, I recently put up for sale my beloved McIntosh C-22 original. It’s in great shape with a box. I’m wondering why I’ve had no replies. Any thoughts?
Your asking price seems a bit steep, and the market is very soft at this point in time. A bad combination. 
 HiFiShark can help show you what your gear is selling for, and what it has previously sold for.

This is about a tough a seller's market as I can recall seeing in many years. I don't know how much of it is related to the stock market staggering, which may have eroded consumer confidence. Or if the aging audiophile bracket has more to do with it, or a combination of the two.

I do know that it's a great time to be a buyer, but a bad time to be a seller.Good luck with your sale.
Unfortunately as a new and zero feedback seller you are immediately at a disadvantage. Do you have a local dealer with an extensive audiogon track record that could sell on your behalf?

In addition better photos (higher resolution and in focus) would probably help, the grainy ones you posted don't present the piece as well as it could be. Bring it out on a white sheet in bright natural light and take plenty of photos from all sides
yep i'd start sellin' some cheap stuff little-by little and than sell c-22.
sometimes regardless of condition you can't jump on the very peak of pricing. try to sell locally as well or offer local pick-up. ask less money on local deals as you would loose money anyways on internet with final value rake. make buyer feel safe as unit is available for local pickup and sound testing.

Thanks guys. I'll try other venues closer to home. 

I used to sell a lot of Mac gear. IMHO, your price is a minimum of $500.00 too much for a C-22 in good condition being sold by a new seller. Just drop the price and you will get offers. That’s right, you will probably have to go a bit further if you want to sell it.

I would also strike the ebay reference in your ad. It really doesn’t educate your potential buyers as this is an audio specific site. Would you rather buy a used Ferrari from a Ferrari dealer or from Craigslist? The reference just drags your ad down. And it’s great that you love your wife, and I love mine as well, but respectfully, IMHO your potential buyers are not concerned with this part of the story. Nor probably the amps travels, though it is great that you put how long you owned it. And, for what it’s worth, Mac referred to the preamp as the C22, though I have seen other references to C-22, the type of collector ready to shell out four large on a classic preamp can be sensitive to things of this nature. I know, it seems like splitting hairs, but the best ad puts the best gear in the best light.

But in keeping with this being a specialist site you can add value by listing the brands of tubes, Teles or Mullard all through would certainly help the case, or if any work, or mods, have been done on the pre. Or, for that matter, if no work has been done on the pre. Some here are looking for completely original condition gear and some are looking for daily drivers that have had the coupling and power supply caps changed, new diodes, etc. You are not giving your prospective buyers any help here. You are also missing the boat by not showing interior shots to support any upgrades, or the lack of such. It’s kind of like you are trying to sell a car, not showing the engine, but saying that one sold for X dollars at the gypsy car lot on the corner.

Wow! Yesser! I'll rewrite it take better and more pics etc. again I really hate to sell it but all this advise is great! Thanks WEDjr 
You got 0 feedback and its ancient history good luck.

Have you had any interest at the new pricing? It see that it is $3500, but at the end of the body of the ad it says $4500 but taking offers.

I have noticed, as JMC said, that things are moving a bit slowly at the moment.  

I've noticed things seem to be slow to sell lately.
It's possible with strong dollar, getting less international buyers?  

Everything sells at the right price.  It all depends how badly you want to sell it.