Bypassing volume pot in Cayin integrated tube amp

Cayin TA-30 integrated tube amp
Vandersteen 2ce Signature loudspeakers
AMC CD 8 as transport
AMC DAC 9 with tube output
Monarchy NM24 DAC/preamp
VH Audio thin silver wire/Teflon interconnects
VH Audio power cords

The Monarchy DAC is new, I want to use the line out on the Monarchy to my Cayin integrated. Both have volume controls. Is bypassing the volume pot in the integrated as straightforward as this:

Disconnecting the vol pot on the integrated amp and inserting a 250k resistor between the RCA in and out to amp from the vol pot for each right and left channels, then connecting both separately to grnd.

The pot is an Alps 250k resistance. So my question is, will this allow me to connect my line out from the Monarchy to my amp? And how do I know exactly what type of 250k resistor to use? .5v?

Thank you.