Bypassing B&K AVR 507 Pre-amp.

I would like to move on to separates. As I can't afford to buy both amp and pre-amp at the same time, I would like to start with the pre-processor. My B&K 507 S2 receiver does not have pre-amp out or amp-in connections. If I were to start with a different pre-amp, could I use the 7.1 audio inputs on the 507 to input the signal from the pre-amp? Would the fact that these inputs do not have bass management be a problem?
Any info appreciated.

it can be done but not a good ideal, the pre/pro can do the bass management then send the signal to the 507 7.1 input, however, the signal had to pass thu two volume control and it will degrade the sound. why not sell the 507 and use the money buy a multi ch power amp like a used rotel 1095 or a b&k etc...
Thanks Imhififan. I know there would be some distortion with the two pots, but I wonder how bad it would be. I would have to live with it for 2-3 months before I could take on the amp. Do you think it would be significant? I'm worried about selling the 507 first, as it would put me in the position of having no system, and possibly feeling pressured to buy something I might regret later.

What is keeping you from getting an amp first with the B&K as a pre/pro? The preamp section of the 507 is very good(for a HT receiver) and sell it later to fund a dedicated pre/pro or preamp.

I was looking at a Arcam AV9 here on Audiogon. It was local and I wouldn't have had to have it shipped which I much prefer. The price was good and I wanted to jump on it, but, while trying to figure out if I could make it work, it went away! Anyway, that now makes it possible that I could do it the other way around. I'm hoping to find a Anthem or Parasound amp, so wish me luck!