Bypass switch setting on M&K MX-125 MkII


Can someone who owns this sub please let me know if I should set the bypass switch to Variable or Bypass on the sub. The sub is connected to my EAD TM8800 Pro

Hello Daniel,
If EAD TM8800 Pro has a built-in low pass filter as part of it's sub output set the "VARIBLE"/"BYPASS" switch on your 125 to "BYPASS". This is the way I use my 125 with my B&K pre pro. Hope this helps.
Thanks Ed.
Sorry for this silly question but how do I check if my EAD has a built in low pass filter. I have gone through my manual and it does not cover this other than advising how to connect the subwoofer to the prep\/pro.

Contact your EAD dealer. They can tell you.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Perhaps someone on this forum with more knowledge than me can help. I'm just a "plug n' play" guy

Hi Daniel, every pre/pro has a low pass filter in it. You have a screen menu or a section in your manual that describe this. For me I prefer to use the variable crossover in the M&K sub since it has a better filter 36db/octave, usually the pre-pro has 12 or 18db/octave filter and a fix frequency at 80Hz, so that means you still have mid bass going to your sub. For my installation, my pre/pro is set to 12db/octave at 80Hz and I finalize my adjustment with my v-125 at around 70Hz, that way I use the 36db/octave and have no voice coming from my sub, only deep bass.