Bypass caps

Any recommendations for a superior .01uf bypass cap? I have tried (2) and am quite suprised by the difference. These would couple to a 4.7uf cap used in a DAC.
LeClanche NOS oil/paper .016uf/600VAC (for a boost in high treble energy) and .63uf/325VAC (for midtreble bloom), provided you have the room for caps about the size of an audio cassette. From Reference Audio Mods. I'm using them on power to the DAC chip in a modded Sony SCD-1. Much more musical than BG.

If to bypass a decoupling cap I would suggest a try a 0.1uF or 0.22uF Dynamicap. (These are not bad caps to use as coupling caps either.)

If you want to bypass a coupling cap you should try a TFTF V-Cap. They're the best caps I have ever heard by quite a margin, but a bit too expensive to bypass decoupling caps.

I also recommend the V-cap TFTF, but try a value that is 1/100th the value of the larger cap or smaller, i.e. if your main cap is 4.7uf, then use a .047uf or smaller. The TFTF .01uf is amazing, approaching the sound of a "straight wire".