bypass amp on receiver

is it possible to bypass the amp on the receiver and use my existing amp to power the front two towers....i just purchased two klipsch towers, a klipsch center and an 807 onkyo receiver...i currently have piega c 10 ltds as my towers and would love to hear them in the HT set up with the klipsch center channel...the piegas take a lot of juice so i want to leave them hooked up to my mc402 amp (400 x 2)...possible to bypass the amp on the receiver for this experiment? does this make sense? thanks, brent
Your receiver is an TX-NR807? If so, just connect the front channel L and R pre-outs on the receiver to the corresponding inputs on your amp.

I think you will also need to disconnect the KLIPSCH when you do this so that both are not playing at the same time.