Bye-Bye Simaudio Moon Amp

THE SITUATION: I have a Simaudio Moon 5-Channel TITAN amplifier that I wanted to pair with my Simaudio Moon Evolution CP-8 preamp multichannel processor.

THE DILEMMA: The amp is a giant and does not come close to fitting in my media cabinet.

THE SPEAKERS: I am powering Focal Chorus 836W front left and front right with matching 800VW center channel along with two Mark Logan in-wall ceiling speakers for rear surround.

THE SOLUTION??? I need to replace the Simaudio Titan with a "normal" sized amp. My budget is ~$3000-4000. Would love to get some recommendations from my fellow Audiogon'ers. I would even be open to ditching the Simaudio CP-8 multichannel processor and getting new separates or even an integrated.

Thank you forum peeps!
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You don't need to store powerful amp inside the cabinette regardless of its size especially multi-ch-amp. It needs more room for ventillation unless you're going for class T or D amp that needs neither fan or large open space. You can shop among Wyred4Sound, Sunfire TGA...
I recommend Wyred for sound also. The amps are compact, make no heat, and sound great. They have models in your price range.
Personally, I would stay away from class D amps. I haven't heard one yet that I liked enough to purchase. I would look into an Anthem multi-channel amp. They have gotten rave reviews and are an excellent buy for the money..
No advice on a substitute, but, I may be interested in your Titan; at the right price. You can PM me....
Thanks for the recommendations, guys. I put a bid in for a Sunfire and a Wyred. We'll see what happens there. I also may have an interested buyer for my Simaudio Titan 5-Channel amp (jdlynch), which I sadly am not going to get to keep.

If I can't go big, I'd go home. Kidding aside, NAD top of the line receiver sounds perfect.

Class D sucks.
My Sunfire 300 stereo amp sucks so much, every time I tried to upgrade it, opted out always keeping it!
There's no good multi-channel amps on Agon right now, I think I will just sit around and wait. Also just wanted to mention that the Moon CP-8 processor is the best sounding processor I have ever heard. Nothing comes close. I have tried it with many different amps and it always shines compared to any other processor I sub in. I love it so much, I have two of them (even though they only have HDMI 1.3). I just switch my video directly from the source into the TV. Any other amp recommendations for me before I eeny meeny miny moe it?
i had a Krell Showcase (125w per) and loved it... can be had for under $2000... if you need more power than the S-1500 (150w per) for about $1500 more.