Bye Bye Puppy!

After ten (mostly) happy years with my WWP 6's I have managed to buy a pair of preowned Wilson Sasha 2's. They are being delivered on Monday and the 6's will be taken away...

I am surprised how emotional I am about the puppy's and feeling strangely sad (unfaithful?) to part with my old friends!

owned WP6's from 1999-2001, and really enjoyed them. i can relate to missing them when they are gone.

it's a serious speaker that delivers. 

congrats on your new Sasha 2's! time to turn the page.
😂 ..yes, but what does that makes you and Mike?

Different speakers every month? 😀
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I felt the same way about a motorcycle once. Great bike but I bought a factory dresser. Pulled  the new one in the garage next to it and felt like a man who just brought his mistress home to meet his wife. Funny how we get attached to toys that bring us pleasure
😂 ..yes, but what does that makes you and Mike?

Different speakers every month? 😀
i've been married 47 far. at my job for 41 years. THAT might end soon. :-)

as far as speakers, i owned the WP6's at a time i was not sure what i liked. i was dating.  i did figure that part out.  the last 16 years i've owned 2 sets of speakers (from the same company), i did upgrade once 9 years ago
I do understand this feeling, which is why I sometimes wish that I had the room and the means to keep certain speakers that I have owned. I have tender memories of the Spendor SP100's that I owned for years. Not perfect, as no speaker is, but brought a lot of pleasure to the listening experience.
Sometimes it's hard to let go.
The Sasha 2s are so much better in every respect than the WP6s, the only regret you will have is not making the change sooner. Congrats!
when I read adious, my 1st thought, 
**gonna dump the Wilson**
guess not.
going back for more i guess
I'm guessing maybe 30 seconds after hearing the Sasha's, you'll ask yourself why you didn't make the change sooner. Congrats!
I used to sell or trade.  But you always come back to that one piece of music on what you had that just doesn't sound the same (or correct).  What this has turned me into is a buy and hold person.  You will miss those pups, if not for but a few pieces of music.  The only upside I know to letting them go is, if you are married, life is much happier.  Good luck. 
Maybe Wilson will design a widebander just for you mozartfan.

It would be hilarious if Mr Wilson picks up on my WBer design and goes with it,,, and he makes a million $’s on it.
That’d be crazy.
When i finish my Frankenstein (as dubed by Adam over at Madisound) , i’ll put it up agaisnt Wilson’s top dawg.
Baddest shootout ever in the old wild west Speaker Saloon.
The only thing holding up the design right now is the cash factor.
Mr Wilson's top gun slinger will have 6 or 7 drivers,, I'll have 6 or 7 drivers. Per4 cabinet...well mine will be like 3 cabinets but  6 or 7 drivers. 
Put your money up now. 
Frankenstein's are the underdawg bet. 
Tell ya what I'll give My Wilson's the big bad  Jadis JA800
I'll take a Dynaco ST70 as modded by my tech geek  aka The baby G~~~ EL34.
I'll give Wilson all he needs to get his Top Dawg a  singing. 
I know what I got.

You are a very lucky person. I can only fathom owning a pair of Sachas. You will have to come back after the break in and let us know how they differ. Again, congrats on your awesome purchase!
thank you hshifi and all above for your generous good wishes and positive feedback. 🙏🏻

This upgrade has taken a long time to finance and I was lucky to be able to stretch the funds and find a preowned pair on a very good deal (less than half of retail).

I will be pleased to report back in due course and let you know how it all goes. 

It will be interesting to hear how the front end  (which took many changes and experiments to find synergy with the 6's) will work with the Sasha's. 
Good for you @soma70.Sounds like if you do not own what @mozartfan owns you are disadvantaged or just ignorant.
I am happy for you and enjoy them.
For whatever it’s worth I have a used pair of Sasha 2s for going on 3 years now and am as happy with them today as the day I set them up and first heard them.  No real desire to upgrade but it would be interesting at some point to hear the DAW and possibly other current gen models in Wilsons lineup just for the experience.  I have heard that what’s driving them can make a difference but my in my Exogal Comet/Ion with a Melco Streamer drives them effortlessly with great musicality and soundstage and I can listen for hours on end with no fatigue. I have no real reason to even think about upgrading until maybe that is when I hear the current lineup but would again then wait for a used pair.  Hopefully you’ll now also enjoy your music that much more!
@geekster - nice contribution and appreciated.

My first impressions are that they are a world apart from the puppy's and I am amazed at the midrange clarity and separation. The soundstage is incredible and envelopes the listener.

The upper mids may be a little bit forward but I have not yet found the perfect positioning from a imaging point of view but i'm getting closer and so that may change.

Bass is a little light for my tastes so I am moving them gradually closer to the rear and side walls whilst adjusting for image.

I have been away for most of the time since the 2's arrived and so I haven't really had enough time to experiment fully but it's clear that these are very special speakers. 

New Wilsons have less peaky bass than the older models. I think you will discover more texture in the bass over the older models as you get used to them. 

After several hours of speaker re-positioning and measuring with REW I was still very unhappy with the bass and imaging.

it was really making me sad! 

This evening I double checked to see if I had wired the speakers correctly and they were in opposite phase. Doh!

I needed to wire the speakers black on red due to different hot pins between the amp and pre, and must have got distracted half way through, so only wired one speaker correctly. 

Unsurprisingly, they now sound utterly brilliant. 

I am very happy and feel like a total idiot! 😂