Bybee vs Z Sleeve vs ERS sheets vs Walker HDL's

I've been reading alot on how effective these type products are in taming EMI/RFI. I have the Walker High Definition Links and like them.

I'm curious if these products are about as equally effective and if you could even use all of them in a single system with different applications.

What would be a smart/cost effective stategy of using these devices to EMI/RF proof your system.

I'm getting 3 dedicated lines and am wondering if I should Z-Sleeve each Romex line.Are Z-Sleeves just ERS sheets wrapped in rubber? How about lining the receptacle box with ERS paper.

The use of ERS has been covered in detail at Audio Asylums' Tweak Asylum. I've found that you can overdamp with ERS if you use too much. Those that have had good results with ERS have spent time using their ears determine how much is needed for their system. Those that claim a loss in dynamics have simply used too much and have overdamped. As an example, some report using multiple layers around power cords, where I've found that 1/4 inch squares on each end works best for me. Others try placing a full sheet on the top cover of a CDP or DAC then wonder why they've lost dynamics. ERS requires common sense and a little hearing, nothing more.
Like I'd said, this is covered in detail in the Tweak Asylum. Check it out. ERS works. I suggest buying one sheet and experiment. Let your ears determine how much you use.