Bybee Ultimate Speaker Filters...need info..

I have a pair of these on hold at dealer. I was told they have binding posts on each end. (I am awaiting for a digital photo of the actual item). I had thought they had a binding post on one end (on the speaker cable end), and a Spade on the Speaker binding post end.

Does anyone have more info on these filters?

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My older units have binding posts to receive the end of the existing speaker cable, and then an attached pigtail of speaker wire terminated with spades to attach directly to my speakers which only take spades. Another option is pigtails of speaker wire terminating in banana plug for those speakers which can take that termination.
It sounds as if your speaker filters expect you to provide your own final length of speaker wire from the Bybee to your speaker terminals. Maybe, they figure you want to exactly match every portion of speaker wire in your system.
Maybe its just a language issue. Binding post on each (Bybee). Mine had a spade on one end and a binding post on the other.
Every bybee speaker filter I ever owned,and I been through all the models had binding posts on one end and either spades or banannas on the other.
thanks for the replies...

I questioned the dealer several times about this, he wasn't the owner and didn't seem too familiar but kept repeating each end had some of the cheapo type binding posts. He even went as far as to say I would need to add another run between the Bybee end to my own speaker. This just didn't make any sense to me. I am going to contact them again today to speak to the owner.