Bybee speaker cables?

There seems to be quite a lot on the forum about Bybee tweaks, but not about the speaker cables. There is'nt much on the website either, partly I think because new products keep coming along.
Does anyone have any experience of the speaker cables they can pass on? In particular, photographs of them seem to show boxes within the cable that looks the same shape as the Golden Compass tweak. Does anyone know if they incorporate this filtering?
WyWires (me) has introduced a line of cables called the Gold Series which incorporate Bybee Quantum Purifiers into the speaker cables and Bybee Slipstream Purifiers into the interconnects, phono cables and S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital interfaces. Check out A very worthwhile improvement, IMO.

Thanks for that Alex, I will
Audio sensibility will release a new Ref speaker cable with Bybee's.
Ask Steve for info.