Bybee Speaker Bullets?

Bybee Golden Goddess "Super Effect" Speaker Bullets...
$4200.00... Tweak or bona fide upgrade?

Was wondering if anybody has had the opportunity or deep pockets to try this particular tweak,and if so ,would love to hear your opinion,impression, or any other comments.

02-02-13: Glory

Got the Bybee SB's installed and would have to say I am thrilled with what I am hearing.
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Gary, please don't tell me running cables in a series is next. LOL!!!!!
No $$$ to even think about that. I think maybe the wire game has gotten the best of me through the years. I am glad I got the SB's as its as if it has knocked out the back wall and allowed a greater 3D image. I must say its the best tweek I have ever done to the system.

Question to Bybee Speaker Kit users. Did you add them at the input to the crossover or to each emitter?