Bybee Slipstream Golden goddess speaker cable tail

Anyone out there with an opinion on these?Would these be worthwhile on a $300 set of MAS Ref Hybrid Speaker cables, or is the tweek retailing for three times more then the cable out of wack.
I have noted worhtwhile improvements when using them in conjunction with my Valhalla bi-wires and my newly acquired Pure Note Paragon Enhanceds. Increased detail and definition of subtle tones and textures are their strong suit. HTH!
Thanks for the info. Enjoy your Pure Notes.
I own the Bybee Golden Goddess speaker tails and love them. I first used them on the inexpensive (relatively speaking) Purist Museaus, and it was wonderful. Actually, they improved every sonic attribute of the Purist cable. Recently, I upgraded from the Purist Museaus to the Purist Venustas, and the GG speaker tail did the same for the Venustas.
The biggest improvement you'll hear with the GG speaker tail is in musicality. You're system will have a fuller midrange and larger, fuller bass. Everything just sounds more real. I'm hooked on the Bybee stuff (I use alot more Bybee than just the speaker tails) and I've been very happy with everything from Bybee.
Bybee has a return policy if you don't like it, so you really have nothing to lose. Go ahead, try ''ll like what they do, and if you don't you can send them back!
Highly recommended!!