Bybee Quantum Purifiers - Any Opinions?

I've been thinking of adding Bybee Quantum Purifiers to my Martin Logan CLS IIz's. Has anybody tried these? What did you find?? Thanks in advance for your input.
I have the speaker and AC model's but i'm waiting to install them.
All of the Bybee filters, speaker, AC and interconnect work beautifully and have a beneficial effect. My only reservation is that, despite what the reviews said, you can overdo them. One per cable, at the input to the next component, is really the limit.
I use them on my Dunlavy SC-V's and on the inputs to my Melos Monoblocks. I like them. I believe that they work best in environments that have a lot of electrical contamination, like mine.
I do business with Jack Bybee, but other than for keeping the digital noise out of the analog via mains filters really don't like the filters finding them a band aid. Most digital can use some homogenizing so see their application, but don't like them here......To each their own.....