Bybee quantum filters for speakers


Review in summary:
"To put it into perspective, imagine the following scenario. Money is no object and you have the opportunity to purchase $20,000 worth of the finest cable/interconnect. Let me make this perfectly clear: $320 worth of Purifiers will make for a far greater sonic improvement in your system than would all of that cable. In hindsight, cable is a band aid - the Purifier the cure. "
Perhaps these work as well as the Walker HDL's. I get similar results (even) with high end speakers and high end wire. Perhaps they're similar concepts, delivered by two different companies.
I have the older model Bybee Ultra-Quantum Speaker Purifiers, and I have found the same results on my system, as the reviewer found on his.

I had to buy these "blind" because I could not find any first-hand knowledge about their use anywhere, when I got mine. I finally just bought them on "faith" that the idea sounded good. When I got them and put them on my speakers, I found that the music just sounded more "right", and made the whole musical presentation sound better, and more coherent, than without them in the line. I continue to use them right up to the present time.

I have heard some mention of people not liking them, for various reasons such as "collapse of soundstage" and "image problems" but I experienced no such maladies, and had only very good results. In fact my soundstage widened and deepened, and imaging was even better. I can only conclude that there was something inherently wrong with another part of these other user's systems, that was magnified by the insertion of the Bybees. My system is very simplified, with minimal signal path and equipment. Also, my system is extremely revealing of all sonic artifacts, and a problem of this magnitude would NEVER be masked on my system.

So, to all interested parties, from my experience, I would recommend them highly.
I also have great results using the Bybee Ultra-Quantum Speaker Purifiers and interconnects on my tube system with The Abby (nearfield, small-room version)(ported, modified Voight pipe with 165mm. Fostex FF-165K).
What TWL said!
I found even more improvement adding a few interconnect filters to the Ultra speaker filters I had purchased first, I'm running Cardas balanced Golden Ref interconnects as well as speaker wire. Incredibly black background allowing micro details to be audible & the music seems to have a life force or flow, kinda like the difference between a band on an ok night and a hot night, all the timing seems better. I tried taking them out after a year, as an experiment, they went back in the same day. These Bybees are the best tweak I've ever done!
I use the Bybee Ultra with my Dunlavy SC-Vs. They make a significant difference. I also use the Bybee at the input of my power amps.
How would you say bybee compares to Triphazer speaker filters - say the 25 level?
I never tried the Tri-Phazers, but I would be interested to hear them, or some reports from anyone who has heard them.