Bybee conditioner question

Hi everyone,
I try to search online about Bybee power conditioner but get no reviews. My only concern right now is whether the Bybee conditioner will beat the shunyata Hydra or audience adept response or not? more specifically Bybee pro >>> hydra 8 or ar6???
many thanks
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Oh for goodnes sakes! You weren't actually considering spending money on Bybee's snake oil, were you? If you want to do something really good, take the money and send it to Oxfam or some other worthy charity. Someone will *really* benefit, you'll feel better and, because you feel better, your system will sound better - guaranteed!

You must arrange a no obligation audition in your system. No one can tell if it is better, worse or makes no difference. Reviews want do it either. If you can't audition I suggest you save your money.
I am a dealer for the Bybee conditioner, the audience conditioners, and a few others. I have the AR6T and the Bybee conditioner available for an audition. If you want my opinion of them, you may email me privately.