Bybee Audio tweeks. IQSE

Any feedback from users of his PROTON/ ELECTRON aligning pad?
POSITIVE  or Negative  gains from your hard earned$$$ spent on it?
If positive explain:
Frankly I prefer my protons and electrons unaligned. Thanks anyway.

sounds like hokus-pokus
I use the earlier version of the signal enhancers. They do improve things a bit. The IQSE seem to be quite a bit more $$$.


  Well that's what a MRI scanner does "Align Protons."
Once that is accomplished. It's ready to create a clear image
of our insides. The key  IS CLEAR.
Now Electrons alignment. That's a different set of physics to overcome.
Jack Bybee  doesn't have a Snake Oil vendor attached to him
or his company that am a where of.
 I'm still hoping for forum uses reviews on this.
No it's  not a wheel reinvention I realize that part.
"I" always remain ready to LEARN..
For those who are gullible (and brainless) enough to purchase these products, I suppose they deserve to lose their money...someone else is laughing all the way to the bank.
I hear that the quantum signal enhancer works and doesn't work, depends on how you look at it. 

It's only a matter of time before the alchemists at Synergistic Research run away with this groundbreaking tech.
Gentlemen all,

I had a chance to listen to this TEEKER."IQSE" over the 4th.
placed under
VAC RE-AMP & AMP powering Sonus Faber Guarneri Evo’s
Test 1 CD Marantz Sa-11 play. Test 2 Vinyl>Miyajima-Labs MC Cart.
In attendance 4 Nero rotic audio PH.

All of us agreed the only stand out change was sound stage width and
some depth improvement. somewhat noticeable.
If your speaker system cant get the sound to expanded beyond there edges Well! (2) of these wont break the BANK.
p.s. No I didn’t order for my mine already spreads a good foot +beyond as it is.
A soundstage that extends a foot beyond the edges of the speakers? Sha-zam!
   On some of my recordings.Specially Jazz quartets like Shirley Horn, and a few large orchestras Strings float outward from the edges. 
My distance gauge, is my  fishing Fly rod held up-right by my wife.
 Who intern AFTERWORDS consider using it to measure my IQ..
I spent good money to get the sound in the middle of the room. Was that a mistake?
I tried 1 of these with excellent results & it won't hurt much;  High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Magnetic Wave Guide. It even improved picture quality on my plasma set. 
RE: Tubes444 "  Well that's what a MRI scanner does "Align Protons."
Once that is accomplished. It's ready to create a clear image" emit radio waves. That's the data that MRI uses to interpret and build a mathematical model of objects that is displayed in a grayscale or color image. I don't want any RFI. 
Just kidding. The field of the IQSE couldn't be strong enough to align protons.
I haven't tried these IQSE, but I first bought one of his small filters and placed in in my amp signal in and I liked the improvement. Later I bought two of his larger golden filters (can't remember the names, sorry) and placed them inside my speakers, between crossover and drivers for midrange and trebble and again liked the improvement. And I purchased two more. These filters are the same as used in his Bybee Bullets. What I have now are the big golden attached to the positive lead of the speaker driver. Next step would be adding the smaller black filters (less expensive) to the negative legs of midrange and tweeter. For the bass I didn't perceive any benefit so not using them there.

For what is worth, Jack Bybee does answer emails and with me was a straight shooter. He said the best use of his filters is as close to the speaker drivers as posible. At no point he was trying to sell me his products.

I liked the improvement these filters made and will buy the black ones in the near future, when I finish building my new speakers and can try them with new SET amps.
Well, I have 3 1QSE's arriving today from Parts Connexion (20% off).  I look forward to hearing what, if any, positive effect they will have on my system.  If the effects negligible, then that's a financial hit that I factored in before the purchase.  We'll see.  After all of these years in audiodom, I have learned to keep an open mind and try such devices.  Happily, most have been for the positive.
From the small description included in my iQSE...

"The Bybee iQSE (Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer) is a miniature version of the popular Quantum Signal Enhancer. The iQSE is ideal for installation inside of components with the attached magnet or the double stick tape. Once installed, the iQSE is activated by the concentrated levels of electromagnetic energy, which then create both a magnetic and electric field. The created fields polarize the surrounded electrons, rendering the flow of electrons to be more steamlined and efficient. The results are a stunning improvement in musicality."

When I real the Positive Feedback review, I was very intrigued. I ordered one to install in my Hydra 6.

A brief system overview... I have two dedicated lines into my listening room. My Shunyata Hydra 6 powers my front end, my Shunyata Hydra 4 powers my amp,subs. I chose to order one for use in the (Hydra 6).

I have to say, everything that was written in the PF review, I've found to be true and not overblown. I can hear no negative effects at all. In fact, the positive sonic attributes are on line with the PF review! Listening at lower volume levels is MORE than enjoyable. The bass lines, the overall cleanliness of the bass' musical structure is very well received. There is a sense of any recordings' brightness being removed or at least made ore listenable.

I have one more on the way for my Hydra 4.

I contacted the Cable Company to inquire if they'd refund the purchase price if I installed with Command Strips. There answer was "yes". I will say I haven't needed that because of the attached magnet. If you have a return path, why not try?

Happy Listening!

I already feel very comfortable in saying,, "You'll have to pry my iQSE out of my cold, dead hands"!
I have one iQSE placed on top of the Tara Labs AD/6 Powerscreen that my CD Transport, DAC, and amp are plugged into (preamp is an autoformer passive). I am hearing substantial improvements very similar to those described in the positive feedback review.

I have two more arriving today, that I am going to experiment with placing on/in my transport and DAC.

Here's a quote from PS Audio's Paul McGowan on his company forum:

"Jack’s stuff makes no sense to this engineer but dammit if it doesn’t seem to work."

(scroll down)

I've installed my second iQSE in my Hydra 4. I've listened through several lps. I purchased Earth, Wind & Fire "That's the Way of the World"/Impex several weeks ago. I listened to it twice before the iQSEs. I was disappointed. The music lacked the "soul" that I expected. I couldn't get in to it like I'd hoped. Today, I listened again and had a totally different listening experience. The presentation now has the soul that I found lacking.

 You discovered the KEY. These tweets require BURN-IN TIME. 3-4 Days  or around 12-Hrs..
As several others in our Audio Club who dropped a couple on Benjamin's
on these reported. But found the really work best in CD & Pre-Amps Dac not so much in Amps.
Got two more iQSEs in on Friday. Put one in my CEC TL5 belt drive CD Transport, near the power supply. Wow! CECs are known as very "analog" sounding transports; relaxed and musical. The iQSE takes it a big step further in that direction. Loads of clear, natural, detail, integrated into an organic whole. There is a substantial increase in the sense of life and palpability, that pulls me further into the music. It's one of those "intending to play one or two tracks, and end up listening to the whole album" kind of changes.

I'm loving it, and am almost afraid to put the other iQSE in my DAC. I might never leave my listening room! 😉
I'm stuck in my listening room, and can't seem to get out. Don't send help!

I put the second iQSE in my DAC.

how much more improvement you get from the iQSE on your DAC after you put 2 in your power conditioner and 1 in your transport? 5%? 10%?  Please let us know, thx.


I had one iQSE on my Powerscreen and one in my transport. Putting one in my DAC made a clearly audible improvement. It’s hard to put a number on it, but I would say 10% is about right.

If I had to choose just one place to put one, I would say the transport is where it made the most difference. The DAC is a close second, though.
Thx!  Just trying to figure out what multiple iQSEs can do to the sound.
According to TweekGeek, You should only use one per component, two can actually degrade the sound:
Thx again!  I haven't seen that article yet.  However, I wasn't thinking about putting multiples iQSE into one device.  I wanted to know the overall improvement on your system by combining all the iQSEs that you have in different places.  Sorry that I did not make myself clear in the first place:)  Please go back and enjoy more music, I am sure it sounds awesome!
The difference with the iQSEs in my system is definitely cumulative. I was very pleased with the results I got from putting the first one on my Powerscreen. I was wondering if I would get much improvement from adding more. I was surprised at how much difference the one in my transport made, and then again, with my DAC. Between the three, I feel like my system, that I was already quite happy with, has been transformed.

After each change I’ve made lately, I find myself wondering "Can it get much better than this?". Then I do the next thing, and it does.
My response to others and findings so far...( my system is a vinyl only playback).

@tubes444, @ geoffkait, "A soundstage that extends a foot beyond the edges of the speakers? Sha-zam!"

I think differences in soundstage variances depend quite a bit on the actual recording itself and one's room as well. In my small, well treated room, I get/have gotten, a soundstage that extends to my side walls too, prior to the iQSEs. I've listened quite a bit since installing these iQSEs. In my room, in terms of the soundstage...what I hear mostly and regularly is the much more natural center stage imagery.The width, depth and placement is more organic. It's really kind of remarkable! I'm hearing complete staging as if it is a live event, not in the studio. Musical representation is very natural, smooth/relaxed and frequency response seems extended with lower volume needed.

@tubes444, I don't think that "break-in" is the appropriate phrase here. To me, it's just a new understanding of how the musical presentation has changed and how my brain now hears it.

Every record I play, and I mean EVERY record is much more meaningfully reproduced. A high claim,..but true.
       Maybe "Break in  term" may not apply in the material  or mechanical sense exacting more noticeable results do to Hrs run time."
But several others report that first evening of 3 or 4 hrs upon installation did not bring the the money well spent. That the next several session did
for them. I completely under the physics with these PADS not being in the circuit in any form. But others feel they hear more improvement after additional time.Then far be from me to question there happiness.
There is a question I do have to all in this tread.
1. What other tweets do those have?   Before.. 
   Such as: AC>Power Conditioners or Noise wall plug Harvesters/
  Wall plug Harmonizer  Etc.
  If any of you had these in place before the fact.
 Then that makes the BYBEE all the more interesting.


Upon reflection, I do think the sound has become more relaxed with time. This could be as I stated, one's brain processing the improvements and/or the different recordings one is playing.

In any case, in my experience, this does not come with decreased dynamics or transient response or bass punch/musicality. One of THE best tweeks I've heard hands down!

@bojack  If you order through The Cable Company and affix them with Command Strips you have nothing much to lose, (return shipping), MUCH to gain.

Happy Listening!

I've always been a person that pays strict attention to all things. ......

Having said this, I've applied this ongoing history to my audio system. My speakers are set up more closely to Jim Smith's method. I have then taken on my own personal likes/dislikes from that method and expanded.

I'm a measurement guy. So, I've recently found that my previous speaker position became noticeably "off". What is the difference?

My belief it is the addition of the iQSEs and my TT mats. (I posted their effects on my Townshend Rock 7 thread.)

These two recent additions to my system, allowed me to re-evaluate my speaker position, based solely on (what I hear in my listening chair).

Results are...spectacular! Not going back. When one has an uneven house.. floors/walls etc.. in the end, I have my ears. These ears depend on great sound quality.

These tweaks are essential!


 What other (PLUG-IN ADD-ONS  tweaks did you have in your system

such as AC wall plug ins or multi AC such a conditioner before adding the


I recently got a Core Power Technologies Equi=Core 300 balanced power cord to feed the power strip my system is plugged into. I have been quite pleased with the sonic improvements it brings. I decided to try and up the ante by putting an iQSE inside it. Wow! The initial results are quite impressive. This would seem to be a very synergistic combo.

Besides the 2 Hydras, I use the Maestro outlets.

My next iQSE will probably go into my TT power supply.


  Interesting. Maestro Outlets. Don't see these ever mentioned.

I've tried several BIG NAME makers of $$$$ outlets.

 Which are now sitting in my wish HADN'T bought THEM box.

My Maestro outlets age like good sonic WINE***Improve &improves.

p.s. for best results with them replace all wall outlets on that ac inline      before your Stereo and after. Remember AC will pass junk  that's in  a RECEPTICAL into or out of it in that circuit. Trust Me on it..

I continue to be very happy with the the iQSE inside my Equi=Core 300. It takes an already excellent unit to another level.

This is Mike Garner of Tweek Geek’s response when I told him what I had done:

"It would make good sense to put it there, since the iQSE is activated by electromagnetic fields. Transformers generate large and powerful em fields."
Actually transformers generate very large magnetic fields, not EM fields. Geez! That’s why wrapping mu metal around the transformers is so effective, sonically. The mu metal absorbs magnetic fields. It’s a low frequency high permeability alloy. Magnetic fields? They're produced by current flowing through wire. You know, the right hand rule.☝


I'll take that under advisement. Now that you've mentioned it, I seem to recall reading something similar years ago.

Happy Listening!
Well...I have had my iQSEs for almost a month now.  One in SACD player, one in line stage and one in power amp.  I don't claim to understand the "science" behind these devices.  If I understand Bybee's explanation, the crystals in each iQSE condition the EM in the applied gear resulting in a more natural, organic sound.  

There is a conversation on PS Audio's Power Forum about these.  Paul McGowan  who is an engineer/designer admits that he often doesn't understand the "science" behind Jack Bybee's offerings but in most of his experiences, his devices do what he claims for them.

So what do I hear?  Rather than try to identify a typical audiophile characteristic, for me my listening experience is more involving ( I find myself putting down the laptop or magazine"), I listen longer finding new appreciation for long loved recordings.  This increased level of listening involvement is consistent since installing the iQSEs.  

If your involvement in audiophilia is dependent on scientific bases for what devices you employ in your system, then these are probably not for you.  And that's fine.

For me, there are many experiences in life that occur around the world that seemingly transcend science.  I plan to stay open to my ears and my body's reaction to what I hear.  Science or not.
I gave Jack Bybee one of my Mikro Brilliant Pebbles about ten years ago, or maybe John Curl gave it to him. Anyway, nice to see Jack finally figure out the crystals. The explanation for how crystals work is given on my web site.

Does this mean crystals have finally gone mainstream? 😛

Slaw's suggestion of Maestro outlets is a good one.  I've tried many, and the Maestro is the only one that doesn't color the sound in some way or other.
Before today, I had 3 iQSEs in my system. One each inside my transport and DAC, near the power transformers, and one in my Equi=Core 300 balanced PC/conditioner. I also had a spare that I was saving to use as a demonstrator on friends’ systems.

I had read here that they are not as effective for amps as front end components, but today I decided to try it on my amp. I placed it on top of the power transformer cover, with the printed side down. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was very pleasantly surprised at how much improvement it made over the already fantastic sound I’ve been enjoying.

IME, placing one near the power transformer of any component that has one will get good results.

good stuff!  thx for sharing.  I will probably put one in to my power amp and one in the Core 1800 that should be shipped out by Mark today.

Out of curiosity, have any of you tried the IQSE sitting on the outside of a component vs inside the component?

I was wondering if it would still be as effective but that would require a direct comparison. The company does suggest putting three of the IQSE's inside of the circuit breaker pannel, but I'm sure for liability reasons not inside of the pannel where the wires are located.
They do work on the outside, with the printed side facing inside. This is a good way to experiment with placement before opening up the component, or if you're not comfortable with putting it inside. 

Here are some good tips about use and placement:
There’s a new review of the iQSE, and other Bybee products up on dagogo:
Thanks, tommylion!
Does anyone know for sure if the Bybee IQSE advertised (see below) on sale for $119 is the same one others are selling for $149?

If I believe what I heard when I installed them in my system : I say a big Yes.
I have 2 in my mono amps, 1 in the pre with great effect.