Bybee Active Room Neutralizers

I have read a couple of reviews on the room neutralizers which are favorable.  Has anyone in the community actually tried them or own them?  Thoughts?
The new Bybee Clarifier IQSE's are working for me. Also have Passive Room Neutralizers and noticing that where they are placed changes things up quite a bit. I'm using the Stein Harmonizers and Acoustic Revive 888, 77, in conjunction with Bybees to great effect!
@tonyjack - where did you install the new Bybee Clarifiers - just on your speaker magnets?
No. To leary of opening up my speakers (Tektons, Vandersteen and Maggies) for that. Although my friends that have Tektons have done it and it certainly works! I have been experimenting with placing them on back plates of cd players right next to where power cords enter the unit. They are magnetized so they stick right on to the back plate. Also on top of DAC's and on top of interconnects coming out of DAC's. Still experimenting. Not sure of best application.I have no idea how or why they work but they do to my ears, seem to actually clarify things perhaps by lowering noise floor, making things seem more natural and open. Vocals seem to pop out in a natural but more detailed way unlike say a detailed cable that may be hard at the same time. Hard to explain and I know people are disgusted by these types of descriptions of tweaks like these. Wrote to Mr Bybee and asked about application and he said to experiment as well. My friend is getting great results by placing them in breaker box! 
@tonyjack - yeah was thinking about putting them on my Tektons.  A friend recently put them on his Tekton ULF and thinks they are great. I think he only put them on the woofers and midbass drivers but not sure.  I need to go over there and take a listen. I've been using the Perfect Path stuff and seems like these new Bybees are very similar.
Perhaps someone could try my low cost "golden" plates , homemade low cost product described in my " virtuel system" section or in my thread and report here after comparison with the Bybee products ?

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