By running speaker calibration volume drops down t

While playing music on regular basis, from my system I cannot raise the volume more than 30% of the total volume level. It’s pretty loud.
Said that, all new processor and receivers come with speaker calibration system built-in and mice. If run this room calibration, my volume reduces so far that I have raise the volume at least 70% of the total volume level to achieve the same level of sound.
In addition this calibration, if I use the volume equalizer feature from the JRiver, even at 100% of the volume, the music is not loud enough.
What is wrong I am doing? Any advice?
Equipment used is
Computer, music in FLAC
Bel Canto USB to Digital
Mcintosh MX 121 Processor
Krell S1500 150W 7 channel Power Amp
Crystal Micro interconnects cables
Tara Lab Air Evolution Speaker cables
B&W 802D Speakers.
I had the same problem trying to use my he-man integrated with my HT receiver. My int manual said: "for HT bypass, set to level 115" (normal listening is 60-70). This gave me so much gain I think it caused a tube to malfunction.
Even so, the RCA output from my receiver was too low.

I finally gave up and have two systems side-by-side.

Something strange going on with the room correction software.
Make sure you have your processor set to stereo for music. If you have it set to multi channel, you wont get all the music. Some of it will be sent to your center, surrounds, and sub.