$$$ by pictures?

Why are the prices listed beside pictures of the different pieces of audio gear when systems are shared with fellow members?Does it really matter what it costs as long as you enjoy what you have?
Discussions in system description threads typically include suggestions to the poster that are made by others, as well as questions to the poster involving possible application of his or her approaches to the systems of others. System descriptions also serve as a valuable resource and source of information to many readers who may be looking for ideas or doing research.

Without cost information, such discussions would become highly unfocused. And those using the threads as resources and sources of information would find their usefulness greatly reduced, and/or have to spend a lot of time determining costs on their own.

-- Al
Always treat prices as suggestions. Remember like all things in retail, prices are marked up to be marked down, making it easy to think you are getting a discount. High end stuff is never purchased for less then 20% off.
The higher the price tag, the higher the reputation being a "experienced" member of the audiophile community :-)
Why are you worried about people posting the costs of their gear? Does it really matter as long as you enjoy what you have?
Elvis cash,Syntax neither have prices.On the other had Almarg does.Just wondering if it was acceptable practice or a "my system is better than yours"type thing?
My system also has a price next to the picture. I don't recall adding that info to mine. I checked the prices listed for my pieces and they must be MSRP, certainly not what I paid.
Well I just added a piece to my system and sure enough I had to fill in the optional field. Guess I've been doing it all along. I'm one of those sticklers for accuracy.
Can you imagine reading about a new automobile you have not heard of? The text reads how great it rides and what superior performance it has. In fact all the information is there, curb weight, available colors, 0 to 60 times, gas mileage, seating capacity and so on but they don’t provide a suggested price?

It’s data and just as important with audio as other things we‘re researching.
I enjoy looking at the virtual systems (who doesn't), and including the price helps in researching an item.

And we've all looked at your page, Albertporter. Besides being a dream system, you provide a wealth of information.
Thank you Lowrider57.

I do love this hobby, especially those special times when a group of us are sitting together and get so involved you can’t think about equipment or that you're sitting in the room.

It happens, not often enough but it happens :-)