BWS Tube equipment?

Has anyone had experience with BWS tube equipment? It is a company near Washington, D.C. Their web page shows some pretty interesting stuff. I don't know anyone who has their stuff.
Comments please.
Hot stuff.
They are on my very short list of equipment to consider.
Their line stage was compared, over a long period of time, to the Wyetech Opal, Hovland, Jadis JP 200, Counterpoint SA 11, Audio Research Ref I and some solid state preamps (Klyne, Rowland) and preferred in every instance. I am completely satisfied with their CD player mod, and find digital (almost) as satisfying as good vinyl as a result--some audio professionals ( a reviewer, importer, and speaker manufacturer)recently heard their modded CD player at my place and thought it approached the Reimyo at a fraction of the price. YMMV
Customer service and satisfaction is first rate, as is build quality