BW 800 D3 Floor Speakers


I would greatly appreciate your advice on what monoblock amps to pair with Bowers and Wilkins 800 D3 speakers.  I have gotten several different suggestions (none overlapping) so wanted to ask a larger group of people.  Please don't respond just need to listen.  While this is sage advice it is not feasible where I live.  

I have gotten:
Classe 600
McIntosh 901
McIntosh 601
McIntosh 1.25k
Luxman 900
Rowland 735

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I'm still using 2 x BAT VK1000 , B&W speakers perfect for biamp .
mariage in heaven .BAT 655SE new production.


These B&W 800’s have a nasty load right though the bass where all the grunt is needed from 60hz to 300hz, and need amps that have big current dumping balls
There are minima of 3.15 ohms at 91Hz, 3.1 ohms at 620Hz, and 3.67 ohms at 21kHz. Given that there are current-hungry combinations of 4 ohms and –52° electrical phase angle at 62Hz and 5.3 ohms and –39° phase angle at 8.6kHz, I believe this speaker should be rated as a 4 ohm load
These are the amp you need out of your list, forget the others and the set tube mentioned
Classe 600
Rowland 735
Luxman 900

Cheers George

The AVM Ovation MA 8.3s can drive virtually any speaker.  Despite the 1100w power rating, they are surprisingly refined and delicate.  They would be brilliant with those.