BW 800-805 D3 series VS 800-805 Nautilus/S series

I love the Nautilus and S series but hit a wall with the D series. At the end of my trials, the 800 N & S speakers always sounded more natural and right to me, personally. I have met others with this same opinion, surprisingly quite a few.

I'd like to know, if you share this sentiment, have you heard the D3 line? What are your opinions in comparison the the N & S series? Have they found their way back to the magic or not?
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Using the B&W 805 Signature (Tiger Eye Finish) as rear speakers in 5.1 system driven by Bryston 6B SST. Had some time recently and repositioned them removing Avalon Indra's as front R/L driven by a Rowland M312 (way more power than they need) with the addition of a Kharma CeSb 1.0 Sub. Was amazed at how well they held their own. Nothing can replace the coherence and imaging if the Indra's, but; the dynamics & detail was all there with B&W 805S's. Totally underutilized in my system for sure.