BVaudio A300s

any owners of this gear here? please tell me about the amplifier and what gear you have partnering it(speakers.CDP)....also what music do you listen to...
I'm using this with Totem Forests and an Arcam 23T cd player. Sound is sweet. I will likely add a sub given the size of the room. I'm very impressed with the BV Audio. It sounds much more powerful than its rating. I've also tried it with Green Mountain Europa's, Mirage Om5's and B&W 805's. All sounded great, but beware. It is very neutral and will expose poor recordings accordingly.

It seemed best with jazz and was very bright with rock, but a lot of this has to do with Speakers and my room as well. It made the OM5's sing like I've never heard.
This integrated is phenomenal! I have B&W Nautilus 3 series speakers and Theta Digital Miles CDP. The sound can't really be any better. It can be observed little edgy with some poor recordings but that's a common price you have to pay for unit that's neutral. Absolutely neutral sound, no, I have not heard Halcro yet..........
Using a good AC conditioner will take this amp to the next level. I like the adjusting gain feature and remote! 100% value for money
the trick is to buy 2!!! bi amping these units will send
your system into another realm...
1/bv P10 pre amp
2/ bv PA 300 ix
wharfedale opus 1s
cary 308 cdp
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